Royal Court Heartband Living Newspaper - Credit Isha Shah
Photo Credit Camilla Greenwell

Grants Awarded 2019

Ahliyyah School for Girls
Two-year scholarship fund for disadvantaged students.

Wall on Wall exhibition
A Peace Line in Belfast with 1,100sqm of photographs taken of 10 border and separation walls in the EU, the USA, Korea and other countries.

SE1 Productions
First draft of a film project: Grenfell: A Tower in London.

Study grant for a Palestinian Refugee
Partial support for a degree in Anthropology.

Grants Awarded 2020

Royal Court Theatre Residencies Programme
To support young people to develop and share their work on stage.

British Red Cross
To support asylum seekers and refugees to access essential services.

English Hub for Refugees
To support the costs of hiring a teaching replacement and to develop more language learning resources.

Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group
To support Refugee Tales' Walking Inquiry calling for an end to indefinite immigration detention.

Waterloo Community Counselling
To support core running costs.

Grants Awarded 2021

To purchase technical equipment to provide assistive technology, hospice staff training and technical support to help 500 life-limited and disabled children.

Veterans' Aid
To deliver frontline work (food, travel, clothing, addiction & rehab, counselling, accommodation...)

Southampton & Winchester Visitors' Group
Core costs to provide services including befriending, signposting, advice, accommodation, legal advice, english language teaching to asylum seekers and refugees.

Bush Theatre
To contribute towards core costs which will support mission of deliveringcommunity engagement and talent development work, as well programme ofshows.

Migrants' Organise
To support the salary of the Community Programme Director which would provide stability in the continuation of direct service delivery to the most vulnerable migrants,refugees and asylum seekers.

To support the winter services.

Felix Project
To support the core operational costs of the new East London depot.

Mary Stevens' Hospice
To support the core operational costs of the project to improve palliative and end of life care for people experiencing homelessness.

English for Action
Towards core funding to enable support staff to engage with students to develop future work as laid out in the Overheads plan for 2021-2022.

Restore (York)
Partial costs of the Housing Support Workers.